Christopher's fundamental position is that Election Integrity is one component of Our National Sovereignty. “Election Integrity” means transparency, fairness, and validity of the end-to-end processes of conducting elections. Transparency means that all processes are clearly defined and open to examination (e.g. voting systems, electoral rolls). Fairness means that all socioeconomic groups of legal citizens registered to vote have equal access to the voting process (e.g. voter identification policies). Validity means that all processes are following Federal, State, and Local election laws. The biggest threat facing the integrity of our elections is the current condition of our processes being simply dominated by political ideologies.

Here in Colorado, there exists an ongoing discussion about Dominion Voting System vulnerabilities, and electoral roll accuracy. In June 2022, the Department of Homeland Security issued a CISA ICS Advisory titled “Vulnerabilities Affecting Dominion Voting Systems ImageCast X” which enumerates known vulnerabilities in Dominion Voting Systems. In this example, the basis of proof for vulnerabilities is objective and not ideologically driven. All cases of Election Fraud must be objectively examined (i.e. Transparency) and objectively resolved (i.e. Validity) from both sides of the political spectrum.

If elected, Christopher will seek to work on the issue of Election Integrity.  He will not, however, entertain “ideologically driven nonsense” from either Democrats or Republicans concerning the topic of Election Integrity. Christopher will only deal in facts.