As a longtime resident of Colorado Springs and registered with the American Constitution Party (ACP), Christopher is running for Colorado's 5th Congressional District (CD5) in the 2022 election cycle.  Currently, based out of Colorado Springs, he is employed as an Electrical Engineering Contractor supporting various technical companies in Colorado and New Mexico.   Christopher's hallmark is his involvement as a Community Advocate for the residents of Colorado Springs, above all, protecting our God given Rights outlined in the U.S. Constitution, reinforcing American Exceptionalism in everyday living, and defending American Sovereignty from subversion both internal and external.  He is a Patriot, Constitutional Conservative, transformational leader, and rugged individualist.

Christopher is running on a pro-America, pro-Life, pro-Family, pro-Worker, limited Government platform that includes:

    1.  American National Sovereignty
    2.   Sanctity of Life
    3.  “Peace Through Strength” + “America First” worldview
    4.  Devotion to and practical application of the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights
    5.  Freedom from Government overreach and intimidation against American Citizens
    6.  States' Rights and Federalism (Tenth Amendment)
    7.  Fiscal responsibility and accountability in Government
    8.  Natural Law

Born in 1967, Christopher was raised in the small conservative leaning community of Alamogordo, New Mexico.  During his teenage years, Christopher admired President Ronald Reagan for his American Patriotism and down to earth modality of speech. On January 20th, 1981, in his Inaugural Address, President Ronald Reagan stated “In this present crisis, government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem.”

President Ronald Reagan’s 1981 Inaugural Address


we the people

On this current day in the history of this Most Excellent Republic, Christopher Mitchell says, “The Republic is adrift from its Founding Principles and for such a time as this We the People need willing, selfless, competent, Constitutionally-driven visionaries in Government to be an anchor for the Republic. Government is not only the problem; Government has been progressively co-opted by extreme Left and Marxist elements as a vehicle of oppression and tyranny against the American Citizens.  We the People, the Citizens of this Great Republic, must speak in one voice to decisively drive out the oppressors of Our Freedom and reinstate a Republic of Individual Freedom and Right of Self Determination for the Citizens, both young and old, as enshrined in the Constitution of United States, while promoting accountability at all levels in Government for present and future generations of Americans. We must stand together to realign National priorities to more traditional and proven "Peace Through Strength, America First" policies such as U.S. Energy Independence, U.S. Economic Strength, Election Integrity, Sealed U.S. Sovereign Borders, and Superior U.S. Military Modalities arrayed as a deterrent against Communist Chinese and Russian aggression on the world stage.  All with the vision and end goal of fortifying Our National Sovereignty."

National Sovereignty

As an American Constitution Party candidate to be a member of the U.S. House of Representatives, Colorado's 5th Congressional District, Christopher has formulated the following preliminary framework of legislative goals, short- and long-term:

Government Accountability
Government Accountability
Fiscal Responsibility
America First
America First
Anti-China Policies

Preliminary short term goals for 2023 (i.e. House Cleaning)

  • Drive the introduction of Articles of Impeachment against President Joseph Biden for his failure and intentional unwillingness to (1) enforce existing Immigration Laws in order to preserve the United States’ sovereign borders, and (2) fulfill his Constitutional duties as Commander and Chief with the highest degree of accountability to the Republic.
  • Through the House Committee on Oversight and Reform, drive the process of bringing the Biden Administration Departments and Advisors into account for Government overreach, corruption, and incompetence:
          1. Department of Transportation (Secretary Pete Buttigieg)
          2. Department of Defense (Secretary Lloyd Austin)
          3. Department of Justice (Attorney General Merrick Garland)
          4. Department of Home Land Security (Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas)
          5. Department of Energy (Secretary Jennifer Granholm)
          6. Department of Education (Secretary Miguel Cardona)
          7. Department of Health and Human Services (Secretary Xavier Becerra)
  • In order to strengthen and extend the 2012 STOCK Act, drive and pass legislation to ban individual stock trading for members of Congress and their staffs.
  • Drive legislation to eliminate all funding and military support for Ukraine.  It is not the role of the United States to fund or support Ukraine militarily, either directly or by proxy, at the expense of the American Citizens.
  • Drive and fulfill the process of removing Congressman Kevin McCarthy as the primary Republican leader in the House, and oppose Congressman Kevin McCarthy for the House speakership.

  • In order to cultivate U.S. Economic Strength and reduce inflationary pressures, House members need to focus on reining in wasteful Government spending and the "Biden Socialist Agenda" through delegated powers of the House Budget Committee.

  • Introduce legislation to officially observe the month of July as "American Patriot Month".

Preliminary long term goals (i.e. House Building)

  • In order to cultivate U.S. Economic Strength and reduce inflationary pressures, House members need to focus on reining in wasteful Government spending and the "Biden Socialist Agenda" through delegated powers of the House Budget Committee. For example, through legislative processes a good starting point is to repeal Biden's  Inflation Reduction Act. The Inflation Reduction Act does nothing practical to reduce inflationary pressures, but is more accurately, a collection of ideologically driven initiatives to grow the Federal Government and advance Socialist Green Energy policies based in pseudoscience at the expense of American Citizens.
  • The Founders' intent for balance of power between the Federal and State governments is Federalism, or “Sharing of Government Powers.”  I will work to implement the Founders' intent of Federalism in a framework and pattern of fiscal responsibility, with accountability to the Citizens of the Republic, and emphasis on eliminating Socialist modalities (i.e. distortions to Federalism) initiated by the Carter, Obama, and Biden Administrations. The Department of Education, Federal abortion funding, Federal Amtrak subsidies, National Healthcare programs, same-sex marriage policies, and Socialist Green Energy initiatives should all be eliminated at the Federal level as they are not enumerated powers given to the Federal Government by the Constitution.

  • Drive and introduce legislation to the House floor to adequately reform and fund the Department of Veterans Affairs.
  • Drive and introduce legislation (The American Immigration and Sovereignty Act)  to the House floor to outlaw the participation of illegal immigrant, non-citizens, in government functions and services (e.g. Citizens Only Voting) at any level and to strip tax exempt status from non-profit organizations that aid and abet the illegal human trafficking across U.S. sovereign borders.

America First
  • Prioritize budgets and drive legislation to adequately fund (1) the Department of Defense to address the primary geopolitical threats of Russia and Communist China, and (2) the Department of Homeland Security to protect U.S. sovereign borders and repel invasion by illegal immigrant, non-citizens, and potential terrorists.

America First
  • Pass a Simple House Resolution condemning Communist China for its willful role in (1) originating the COVID-19 virus pandemic against the World general population, (2) the use of forced and slave labor in the production of tangible products, and (3) the ongoing crimes against humanity, including the genocide against the Uyghur population and other mostly-Muslim ethnic groups in the north-western region of Xinjiang.
  • Drive and introduce legislation to the House floor to effectively limit, and in some cases eliminate, the capacity of U.S. business organizations and U.S. universities to transfer U.S. technology and business capital to Communist China either directly or by proxy.
  • Drive and introduce legislation to the House floor to effectively limit, and in some cases eliminate, the capacity of Communist China to invest in or purchase American real estate and land resources.